The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry

The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry is a confidential, nation-wide collection of medical and social information about children with cerebral palsy. The Registry was first implemented in 2003 in 6 administrative regions of Quebec and was later extended to paediatric centres in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Since the initiation of inscription of children with CP into the Registry in 2003, more than 1700 children have been inscribed in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The Registry is the first national registry for cerebral palsy in North America.

What is the purpose of the Registry?

The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry provides researchers with the approximate number of children with cerebral palsy across Canada and shows if these numbers differ from province to province. Data in the Registry aims to help researchers find reasons behind the cause of cerebral palsy, and supports studies which may lead to improvements in the overall care of children with CP.

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