Kids Brain Health Network Presents

Kids Brain Health Network (formerly NeuroDevNet) members chair, present and participate in significant regional, national and international meetings. Their knowledge mobilization efforts and contributions to improved understanding of brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders are profiled below.


5th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) - February 27 - March 2, 2013

This conference brought together experts from numerous disciplines to share international research, to discuss the implications of this research, and to promote scientific/community collaboration. It provided an opportunity for professionals to expand their understanding of the relationships between knowledge and research, and how this can apply to critical actions needed to address FASD prevention, intervention and research.


Sterling Clarren - Where are the Patients? Challenges to the Field

Sterling Clarren, a Kids Brain Health Network Investigator and CEO and Scientific Director of Canada Northwest FASD Research Network, delivered the opening plenary session with a "call to arms" about getting diagnosis and care in a system that has difficulties in putting FASD onto the radar of policy makers, care givers and the educational system.

James Reynolds, Christian Beaulieu, Joanne Weinberg and Dan Goldowitz - FASD: Gene-Environment Interactions and the Relationship between Structural Alterations in the Brain and Functional Outcomes

This session, presented by a team of Kids Brain Health Network Investigators, including Scientific Director Dan Goldowitz, described studies carried out by network investigators to identify the contribution of genetic background, the postnatal environment, and structural alterations in the brain to neurobehavioural and functional outcomes induced by prenatal alcohol exposure.

Kaitlyn McLachlan and Gail Andrew - Assessing FASD in Preschoolers: Exploring Neurobehavioural Profiles and Clinical Challenges

This session, led by two Kids Brain Health researchers, presented an overview of research and clinical experiences gained in assessing FASD in a population of preschool aged children at the FASD Clinical Services Program. Neurobehavioral and diagnostic profiles of 72 children are presented, followed by a discussion concerning the clinical challenges inherent in conducting assessments in this population.

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AACPDM 2012 Meeting

Dr. Annette Majnemer at the microphone at a Kids Brain Health AACPDM workshop, along with colleagues
(left to right) Dr. Adam Kirton, Dr. Steven Miller, Dr. Michael Shevell, and Dr. Darcy Fehlings

American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Develpmental Medicine (AACPDM) 66th Annual Meeting Sept. 12-15, 2012
Pre-Conference Session: Advances in Brain Injury, Recovery and Intervention for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Kids Brain Health investigators Dr. Michael Shevell MD,CM; Dr. Steven Miller MD,CM; Dr. Adam Kirton MD; Dr. Darcy Fehlings MD MSc; and Dr. Annette Majnemer OT, PhD co-hosted a pre-conference workshop at the AACPDM meetings in September, that highlighted some of the important recent advances in the efforts to prevent or minimize perinatal brain injury, and develop innovative new technologies aimed at enhancing functioning and health in children with cerebral palsy.

One hundred and thirty-five participants attended the workshop, where presentations focused on research led by Kids Brain Health's Cerebral Palsy Group. Studies presented showcased both findings, and the benefits and opportunities for collaboration within a national integrated network of interdisciplinary investigators focused on treatment and prevention, including:

  • New advances in imaging technology and studies to further understanding of mechanisms of brain injury,
  • Use of brain stimulation techniques to better understand developmental plasticity following perinatal brain injury and to improve motor outcomes, and
  • An overview of the use of virtual reality therapy techniques for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and the ongoing development of virtual reality “ExerGames” for children and youth with CP

MacKeith Press Basic Science Lecture










Dr. Michael Fehlings presents "Targeting cerebral palsy with neural stem cells
at theSeptember 2012 AACPDM meeting.

An additional highlight of the AACPDM meetings was Dr. Michael Fehlings, Associate Scientific Director of Kids Brain Health's presentation of the MacKeith Press Basic Science keynote lecture .