Apps4Kids Hackathon to connect clinical challenges with developer capacity

May 28, 2015

Children and youth with neurodisabilites often have undiagnosed sleep problems that show up as behavioural issues or trouble focusing during daylight hours. NeuroDevNet Investigator Dr. Osman Ipsiroglu is seeking to improve medical care of children with these complex profiles and provide them with more assessment and treatment options.

The solution: the Apps4Kids Hackathon, a free event  June 12-19, in Vancouver B.C., hosted in collaboration with NeuroDevNet and the University of British Columbia's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). The hackaton will bring together health professionals from the Department of Paediatrics at UBC and the Child Family Research Institute, with groups of students, developers, parents and parent groups tocreate and refine apps targeting health challenges for children and youth with chronic care needs.

Dr. Ipsiroglu specializes in diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and his NeuroDevNet-based project focuses on an app that monitors and connects sleep, behaviour and medication data.

The appeal for students: the potential to apply their technical skills to real-world, innovative app development, in a team-oriented environment with mentoring from healthcare professionals. A successful approach may lead to a summer job, and the opportunity to continue work on app evaluation projects.

Additional inducements: several organizations, including NeuroDevNet are offering cash awards. The CanFASD Research Network is offering a prize of up to $2000.00; TELUS and the Down Syndrome Research Foundation are offering a prize of up to $3500.00; and the Children’s Sleep Network and NeuroDevNet are offering up to $5000.00. Prizes will be awarded to individual participants and teams, based on their input on existing apps/program/hardware as well as new app-development.

Interested in participating? Visit, and find updates on presentations, pitches and prizes. Watch for announcements on UBC ECE page, ECE Facebook page and the ECE twitter feed!

Image: ff_hackatons_f from Wired.