NeuroDevNet researchers announce the release of Neurocarta

March 6, 2013

 A massive database linking genes to phenotypes has been developed by NeuroDevNet researchers and is now available to the scientific community. The tool is called Neurocarta and it consolidates information on genes and phenotypes across multiple resource platforms and allows tracking and exploration of their associations.

Neurocarta allows researchers to curate each other’s evidence and enter their own annotations. Phenotypes are recorded using controlled vocabularies to facilitate computational inference and linking to external data sources. The associations between genes and phenotypes are filtered by stringent criteria to focus on the annotations most likely to be relevant. Neurocarta currently holds over 30,000 lines of evidence linking over 7,000 genes to 2,000 different phenotypes.

This brand new resource supplants the limited research information that was previously available. There was only a small amount of data linking genes to phenotypes available through public resources and, when it was available, it was scattered across multiple access tools. This marks a major improvement in neurodevelopmental research and a proud moment for NeuroDevNet. 

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