NeuroDevNet Researchers featured in IHDCYH Talks Video Competition

December 9, 2014

NeuroDevNet researchers Drs. Darcy Fehlings, Adam Kirton, and Judy Illes and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Crystal Ruff are featured in three videos entered in the Institute for Human Development Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH) Talks Video Competition. The competition is a unique opportunity to for researchers from all pillars and career levels to produce a short video to share their research and ideas in the area of reproductive, child and youth health.

Dr. Judy Illes interviews Drs. Darcy Fehlings and Adam Kirton in “Talking About Alternative Therapies for Cerebral Palsy.” The video discusses ethical challenges of alternative therapies, health information available on the internet, and how families can engage with research. Dr. Fehlings is the Co-Lead Investigator for NeuroDevNet’s Cerebral Palsy Research Group, and Dr. Adam Kirton is a Pediatric Neurologist at Alberta Children’s Hospital.

In “Exergames,” Dr. Darcy Fehlings introduces the Exergames for kids with cerebral palsy (CP). Exergame is an innovative computer game that combines recumbent cycling and real-time social gaming to help kids with CP stay active and social. This project is a collaboration between two NCEs, NeuroDevNet and GRAND. Dr. Nick Graham, GRAND investigator, also speaks in the video on the process of designing the game and making them engaging for children with CP.

In "Stem Cells for Developmental Injury: A Primer", Dr. Crystal Ruff breaks down what stem cells are and how they work. She also introduces her work on the potential for stem cells to repair damage in the infant brain.

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Voting ends on January 8, 2015.
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