NeuroDevNet researchers featured in Scientific American Mind

March 15, 2013

NeuroDevNet's Neuroethics team leads, Drs. Judy Illes and Eric Racine, along five other network colleagues wrote a letter to the editor of Scientific American Mind, raising concern about potentially misleading messages published in a November 2012 news item about women drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Their letter provoked a responding article that warns of the dangers of partaking in even light alcoholic consumption during pregnancy. 

Scientific American Mind ran an article in November entitled "A Daily Glass of Wine is Okay during Pregnancy" that discussed a controversial Danish study reporting that drinking up to eight alcoholic drinks during pregnancy has no effect on the child's intelligence or attention span.

Dr. Illes and her colleagues responded quite critically to the article, saying that "this undermines years of research to the contrary and directly challenges public health messages that urge pregnant women to abstain from alcohol."

Scientific American Mind published their letter to the editor in the March/April 2013 issue and ran a feature story covering alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This feature took a much more critical perspective, urging readers to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, despite the fact that a few studies have concluded that moderate drinking is acceptable.

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