Not a dry eye in the house at premier of "Jacob's Story"

November 8, 2013

Jacob's Story debuted to a highly receptive audience Nov. 7 in Kingston, Ontario, at FASD - A Brighter Future?

Watching the unfolding of Jacob's life from young childhood through encounters with the justice system, attendees laughed and teared up, and eventually rose to a standing ovation and thunderous applause at the conclusion of the play.

NeuroDevNet's FASD Research Group has supported and participated in the development and mounting of Jacob's Story, a melding of the growing understanding of the disorder from a research perpspective and the lived experience of one young man, whose life story represents many families' and individuals' journey with FASD.

Kingston FASD Action Network hosted the event, targeting health, social service and education professionals, parents,caregivers and people living with FASD, and Ongwanada - Community Networks of Specialized Care Eastern Ontario hosted a live webcast.

"One of the dads in the audience commented that it was like we were right in his kitchen, with the scene between the parents in the play, because he and his wife have similar conversations about their son with FASD," says Sue Kobus, production manager for the play and member of the FASD research team. "So many people approached us afterwards and said, “You have to come to our school to perform it,” or “can you bring the play to Ottawa,” or “every high school student and teacher should see that play.”

Kobus is keen to gather feedback from viewers who watched the play live via webcast. Please send comments and impressions to .