Toronto Star launches the Autism Project - a six part series exploring life with Autism

November 11, 2012

NeuroDevNet autsim researchers are featured prominently in the Toronto Star's new mult-media portrayal of life with ASD. 

The newspaper has fielded reporters, photographers and videographers to shed light on what the newspaper describes as policy omissions and holes in social services, and their impacts on the lives of autistic children and the families who care for them. 

The first article in the series, "In Search of Autism," features an extensive interview with ASD project co-lead Dr. Stephen Scherer discussing progress in identifying the genetic roots of the disorder. Dr. Schererer describes advances in whole genome sequencing, and the international collaborations that are driving these developments. The November 10 launch includes "Field of Genes," a video, accessible at this link
Visit the Toronto Star website to explore the articles in the series, and visit here for more information about NeuroDevNet researchers and their work highlighted in the Autism Project.