Writing your thesis doesn’t have to be a nightmare

October 14, 2014

 Every graduate student who wants to excel at a career in science must go through the long and harrowing process of writing a thesis. Although the experience is notorious for being painful and frustrating, that no longer has to be the case.

Dr. Crystal Ruff, a NeuroDevNet Post-Doctoral Fellow and MBA2016 Candidate at London Business School, has created a five-part video series entitled, “Writing Your Thesis and Long Documents: What You Should Know.” These videos aim to teach graduate students time-saving tips and tricks, and keeping their sanity intact while creating and managing their Master’s thesis, long documents, or even their dissertation.

The second part, which introduces headings and template styles, was released last Wednesday. Each video provides a live demonstration tutorial, while Dr. Ruff narrates instructions in a separate frame. Using these structural and formatting tips will ensure that your document can be easily edited and restructured when needed.

“Writing my thesis was one of the most stressful and difficult things I’ve ever done,” said Dr. Ruff.

Prior to joining the Fehlings lab at the University of Toronto, Dr. Ruff completed her PhD at University College London, in the UK. Dr. Ruff acknowledges her two female mentors, Rachel Edwards and Marianne Simpson, for passing on their guidance to her on how to use Word for formatting, creating graphs, managing sources, and generating a table of contents.

Her success has compelled her to provide graduate students with a resource they can refer to for help. Passing on these tips and shortcuts have become a tradition for those entering (and exiting) the Fehlings lab. Now, instead of explaining the methods multiple times over, Dr. Ruff decided to put these videos online in order to reach every student out there struggling with writing their thesis.

The tutorials are uploaded every Wednesday for the month of October and are available on Dr. Ruff’s YouTube channel (DrCrystalRuff). Subscribe to her channel or follow her on Twitter (@DrCrystalRuff) for updates.

Upcoming topics:

1. Background and General Tips
2. Headings and Template Styles
3. Frames and Hyperlinking
4. Zotero Reference Manager
5. Graphpad Prism Graphing Software (10/29)

Watch for Dr. Ruff’s videos in our revamped Trainee section on the NeuroDevNet website. Coming Soon!