Application Submission Deadline for KBHN Funding

Opportunity Type: 
Application Deadline: 
29 Sep 2017 - 10:00am

Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN), a national Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE), is currently in its 8th year of a possible 15 years of funding, extending to 2025. We are soliciting proposals for funds we will invest in three different project types in Years 9 and 10. Our intention is to create the foundation for Impact Teams that will become the core of our strategy through to the end of our NCE lifecycle and beyond. 

In 2014, KBHN received five years of renewed NCE funding (Cycle 2). In 2019, Kids Brain Health Network will be applying to the NCE program for another five-year renewal of funding (Cycle 3). In preparation for this second renewal, KBHN is soliciting projects for Years 9-10 (2018-2020) of Cycle 2 to help develop outstanding research teams that will contribute to the next five years of success, and beyond. Eligible projects will emphasize innovation, have national scope, and possess potential for cross-disciplinary networking and synergy with KBHN efforts. Successful teams will address issues that are relevant to patients, parents and caregivers, improve the quality of life of individuals with NDD, and identify partners who will help drive the research agenda. The research needs to go from knowledge to impact, and provide promise of sustainability. Material support from institutions and/or industrial partners is crucial.

Full Proposal Submission:
The full application receipt deadline is September 29, 2017. Details for online electronic submission of the Full Application Package will be provided to Principal Investigators who have registered their proposal.

Deadline: September 29, 2017

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