Our research program currently focuses on three neurodevelopmental disabilities

•    autism spectrum disorder
•    cerebral palsy
•    fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Each of these research programs includes investigators with a range of expertise - including brain imaging, the interaction of genetics and the environment, clinical management of neurodisabilities, and animal modeling of brain-based disorders.

Our service cores provide advice and support in:

•    neuroethics
•    neuroinformatics
•    knowledge translation

Opportunities Initiative

Kids Brain Health Network's Opportunities Initiative has funded additional, innovative research projects aimed at producing translational findings while improving our understanding of brain development and brain disorders. Projects funded through our 2010 Opportunities Initiative are on their way to becoming evidence-based treatments and/or commercialization, in keeping with the NCE mandate to achieve postitive impacts on Canadian society, and the economy.

Continuing the NeuroDevNet Tradition as Kids Brain Health Network 

We set out as NeuroDevNet in 2009 to study typical brain development, and identify what goes wrong - and why - in brain-based disabilities. Our aim: to meaningfully improve quality of life for children and their families through early diagnosis, effective treatment, and support for caregivers. We continue this vital work under our new banner as Kids Brain Health.