Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources


ASD Web Resources



ASD Web Resources

The following websites contain a variety of useful resources on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):


  • The Autism Manual for BC is available here, including chapters on the diagnostic process, medical issues in autism treatments, services, parental advocacy, and transition from school to work.
  • Searchable Registry of Autism Service Providers in British Columbia
  • Community Resources
  • Information about educational opportunities for individuals with autism, for parents and professionals


  • Information about autism, including FAQ, early warning signs, and a video glossary to help in spotting early red flags of ASD
  • A national Accessing Services page with links to government-funded products and services in each province as well as special education resources.
  • An extensive Resource Library for those who want to learn more about autism, browse the latest books, magazines, educational manuals, and more
  • Science news, initiatives, research, clinical programs and blog posts (available via the US-based Autism Speaks Website)


  • Extensive descriptions of autism characteristics, early signs, and different types of treatments
  • Links to scientific evidence on a wide variety of autism topics
  • Videos from the Changing the Course of Autism Conferences 2009-2013


  • Extensive listing of help/resources available in provinces/territories
  • Comprehensive database of articles and information about ASD


  • YouTube series featuring speakers at TEDx talk focused on Autism Spectrum Disorder


    Summaries of recent ASD research with a focus on mental health are accessible via "ASD Mental Health," a blog overseen by York researcher Dr. Jonathan Weiss. Dr. Weiss holds the Chair in Autism Treatment and Care Research which is partially funded by Kids Brain Health Network.

    Summaries of current ASD research are also available at Childhood Disability Link