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Developing Better Care Systems for Child Mental Health

Developing Better Care Systems for Child Mental Health

There is a wealth of information, care, and treatment options for adults suffering from mental health issues. However, our researchers have identified a great gap when it comes to addressing child mental health. A lot of focus and emphasis is placed on adult mental health while child mental health is overlooked.

Although in the early stages, our health care experts are working towards developing a better care system that will meet the needs of children suffering from mental health.

According to health experts, a lot of investment has been made to prioritize the treatment services for adults, leading to many children receiving no support or substandard care.

Besides, other mental-health-related issues act as a barrier to effective treatment for children with mental health issues. These issues include financial instability, the stigma associated with a mental health diagnosis, and lack of referral pathways.

Furthermore, most parents and caregivers don’t know which signs to watch out for, which can hinder early treatment. Usually, the signs of adult mental health issues are apparent by age 14. Hence, there is a need to help a child with these signs as early as possible rather than later on in life.

Our researchers are focused on developing an integrated approach that will promote competence and help children with these problems. We are working on a program that can help us quickly identify emerging mental health issues in children.

The program will also examine the link between mental health and childhood adversity. We will then create an equitable care system to deal with mental health issues in children from the grassroots level.

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