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Managing Panic and Anxiety During COVID-19

Managing Panic and Anxiety During COVID-19

With the lockdowns experienced in most parts of the world, there is no denying that this is a stressful time. Consequently, stress and uncertainty can cause panic, where the emotional system overrides the thinking part of the brain.

The brain’s emotional system, also known as the amygdala, is activated during an emergency.

This results in fight-or-flight response or survival mode, triggered by the need for self-protection, preservation, and safety.

Unfortunately, panic responses can negatively impact society. If not dealt with, panic can lead to anxiety.

There is so much to worry about in the current situation, including our health, the health of loved ones, job security, and the economy at large.

Besides, panic buying has led to a shortage of essential items.

Tips to Manage Anxiety and Panic During Covid-19

  • Beware of Fake News

There is so much information out there, but not all of it is true. Make sure that you get facts from reliable sources only.

  • Don’t Isolate Yourself Socially

One of the measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is to practice physical or social distancing. However, this does not mean that you isolate yourself socially, as this can affect your emotional wellbeing. Instead, be creative and use the various virtual spaces and activities to connect with others.

  • Acknowledge Your Fears

It helps to be aware of your fears and vulnerability rather than trying to hide them. This way, it will be easier to manage anxiety.

  • Take Responsibility

Don’t forget to take reasonable precautions to keep you and others safe. Learn to stay in control and avoid things that may promote hostility or undue panic.

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