Autism Speaks cites ten important things we know about autism today, but didn't know a year ago

April 4, 2013

Between World Autism Awareness Days in 2012 and 2013, encouraging progress was made across a number of fronts in autism research.

NeuroDevNet investigators are involved in two of the top ten contributions to research Autism Speaks has highlighted as advancing understanding and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

An international team of researchers, including Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Dr. Peter Szatmari, and Dr. Susan Bryson are involved in the Baby Siblings Consortium, which has found that many younger siblings of children with ASD have developmental delays and symptoms that fall short of an autism diagnosis, but still warrant early intervention.

Dr. Zwaigenbaum, and Dr. Alan C. Evans are participants in the Infant Brain Imaging Study, which has found presymptom markers of autism can be detected as early as 6 months – a discovery that may lead to earlier intervention to improve outcomes.

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