CBC radio highlights upcoming Jacob’s Story performance at Kingston’s Domino Theatre

February 6, 2014

Jacob’s Story, a play about growing up with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), is enjoying a full theatrical premier at The Domino Theatre in Kingston on Wednesday February 12th. Since the play’s informal debut last November at a conference on FASD, Jacob’s Story has gained intense interest and positive response from the community, including CBC Radio reporter JC Kenny.

Reporting on February 6 on Ontario Morning’s Kingston Report, Kenny described the play as “out of the ordinary” because of its impactful representation of the experiences of children with FASD and their families. Children with FASD have been misunderstood, she said, especially at school by teachers and peers who do not understand their behaviour.

“These kids often just have bad endings. So what she [Sue Kobus] wants to do is get people to understand what it’s all about so students aren't treated like pariah,” said Kenny, quoting Sue Kobus, production manager and part of the NeuroDevNet FASD research team.

Len Whalen, the director of Jacob’s Story, says that he hopes the audience will not only be impacted by the data that the play presents but also the emotions and people behind the experience of living with FASD. He identifies that barriers exist, preventing people in the education system from understanding individuals with FASD. “I felt the reason to what was happening was, that people were looking at numbers, so my suggestion was what about introducing the emotions and people through a play?”

To listen to a clip of the podcast, click here (Jacob's Story begins at 5:17). More information on the upcoming performance can be found here.