Dr. Stephen Scherer named 2014 "Nobel-class" Citation Laureate

September 25, 2014

Dr. Stephen Scherer, co-lead of NeuroDevNet's Autism Research Group has been selected as a 2014
“Nobel-class” Citation Laureate in the category of physiology or medicine, according
to an announcement Sept.25 by Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science.

Scherer, alongside Charles Lee, Professor and Scientific Director, Jackson
Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut, and Michael H. Wigler,
Professor and Head, Mammalian Cell Genetics Section, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
New York, has been recognized for the discovery of large-scale copy number
variation and its association with specific diseases.

"I am greatly honoured to receive this highly significant designation of Citation
Laureate,” said Scherer, who is also Senior Scientist and Director of the Centre for Applied
Genomics at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and Director of the McLaughlin Centre at University
of Toronto.

“It serves as a truly independent validation of the importance ourresearch is having in the field of medicine worldwide.
Irrespective of any awardoutcomes, it is humbling to be included among such an esteemed list of scientists."

The Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates study began in 2002 and has correctly
predicted 35 Nobel Prize winners. It identifies leading researchers in the fields of
chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, and economics by collecting and
analyzing research citations. The merit recognizes the impact of a researcher’s work
within the scientific community based on publication citations from fellow

“As imitation is one of the most sincere forms of flattery, so too are scientific
literature citations one of the greatest dividends of a researcher’s intellectual
investment,” said Basil Moftah, President, Thomson Reuters IP & Science. “The
aggregate of such citations points to individuals who have contributed the most
impactful work and allows us to determine candidates likely to receive a Nobel

This year’s list of Nobel Prize predictions includes 27 researchers from 27 academic
and research organizations. The announcement of the 2014 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine
 will take place on Oct. 6.