Macleans magazine names Dr. Stephen Scherer one of the most powerful people in science

December 3, 2014

"There is nothing more competitive than science," said Dr. Scherer in the Nov. 24 edition of Macleans Magazine's 2014 Power List of the most powerful people in business and science.

In an article by Adrian Lee listing Dr. Scherer as number 35 on a list of the most influential of Canadians in these two domains, the writer explores parallels between Dr. Scherer's early promise in hockey, and the drive and tenacity that have contributed to Dr. Scherer's outstanding career.

Prior to becoming the co-lead of NeuroDevNet's Autism research group, 2004 findings helped establish copy number variation - the deletion or duplication of genes in an individual's DNA - a contribution described as "detonating the long-held belief that very little of our genetic makeup could differ.

"That game-changer has since helped Scherer find copy-number variations that could cause genetic diseases," continues Lee. "Just this year, he unlocked a potential “autism formula” that will help spur more reliable identification from an earlier age, when intervention is most effective. In September, he earned a spot among only four Canadians on this year’s Thomson Reuters citation laureates list, which has correctly predicted 35 Nobel winners in the last 12 years."

“If I accomplish nothing else in my life, being on that list is unbelievable,” Scherer told Lee.

Lee's article on the Macleans website includes a video interview with Dr. Scherer.